You are currently viewing Why We Require even Many More Women Entrepreneurs in the Business Today?

Why We Require even Many More Women Entrepreneurs in the Business Today?

Why We Require even Many More Women Entrepreneurs in the Business Today?

Women will be the unavoidable future leaders of our society as a result of a slow but continuous worldwide transformation.

If not, the existing imbalance will be corrected at the very least.

On a lesser scale, there is a significant potential for any business or organization that can break free from its narrow, “safe” traditions.

And it will introduce a more full, comprehensive, and balanced approach to doing things.

Women, with their natural inventiveness, are perfectly positioned to do so.

However, the game of entrepreneurship was invented by males.

That is a matter of procreation, which is determined by genetics.

Men used to go out and conquer other societies, raping and pillaging along the way.

It was a question of survival – of fulfilling their lineage that they would kill the males and impregnate the women.

That’s exactly what they’ve been doing.

They now do it in the enterprise.

Men often approach businesses from a win-lose perspective.

Their point of view “You must lose in order for me to win.

The ‘pie’ of entrepreneurship is just too big, and my duty is to go cut out as much of it as I can.”

Women, on the other hand, often adopt the following attitude: “So here’s a pie that can only be so big.

Why don’t we try if we can stretch that pie a little further?

Or why not split the pie and enjoy it together?

Or how about we concentrate on creating another pie?

So I can have one, you can have one, and we’ll have more pie?”

So it’s a win-win situation.

Over the previous 25 years, I’ve noticed that those that play the win-win game do better business.

Men would go to any extent to compete and win, but women choose an entirely different business experience.

The major issue for women is when they go out into the world and say, “I want to play win-win in business,”.

All the guys also say, “Yes, we want to play win-win too!”

But, in truth, the males are still playing a lose-lose game.

This will always be overwhelming.

This is because if someone is playing win-lose but claiming you they are playing win-win.

you will trust them as a win-win player.

You’ll allow it to happen and always be taken advantage of.

So, what do the majority of women do?

Some may follow the norms of the males, but many will create their own enterprises.

Women may (slowly) influence company culture from the inside, or they can change the world by launching their own businesses.

Changing careers as an entrepreneur does not necessitate any changes in company culture.

For the previous century or more, we’ve approached business problems as if they were linear, autonomous, and manageable.

Look across the world and it’s difficult to accept this is true.

But, as Einstein stated if the thinking skills that cause a problem are not the thinking skills required to fix that problem.

We need additional individuals with a different perspective on the problem and a new set of thinking skills.

= What is required in business today is a deeper understanding of (and comfort with) all types of connections.

And this is the type of thinking and problem-solution that women are most accustomed to, as:

=> Women think intuitively about systems and relationships; they seek equilibrium.

=> Women are more concerned with solutions than with who receives the credit.

=> Women are natural collaborators.

=> Women never quit up when they are enthusiastic about something.


As a consequence, female entrepreneurs build firms that benefit themselves, their families, their workers, their communities, their customers, and the globe.

Women have a more complete perspective of their role in the cosmos.

They will, for example, work from a place of plenty rather than scarcity.

They will value the energy and vibration of their activities in the company (and wider) environment.

They can bring “soul to business” more easily since they are more in tune with their spirit and feelings and can openly discuss them.

Women’s definitions of success are likewise far wider.

They are, by definition, well-suited to the Triple Bottom Line problem.

In reality, they believe that is the purpose.

They can become distracted by the endeavor to play a game whose rules, as we have seen, were fundamentally written by men.

Women’s proclivity to establish comprehensive companies is what makes them so effective entrepreneurs.

This is made possible by the ability to view a problem from a variety of perspectives at the same time.

Women are more interested in other people on a deeper level.

They invariably notice things that most guys are unaware of.

They do the right thing, treat others properly, and listen to others.

Women entrepreneurs are fantastic.

But not because they’re caricatures or clichés of some altruistic goodness.

But because they frequently contribute a distinct set of experiences that are just as meaningful as what males provide.

The more of both we have, the richer everything becomes.

What would we do without men’s actions and results in orientation?

And, before we over-glorify women, we need to acknowledge that they are as diverse and varied as males, with their own set of challenges and quirks.

Indeed, many women become greedy and rude, whereas other males are quite sensitive and thoughtful.

Not only do we need female entrepreneurs, but we also need female entrepreneurs who are focused on growth.

Women establish enterprises at double the rate of males.

However, they are not all growth-oriented, job-creating enterprises.

Many of them wind up hiring only one employee.

A transformational and participatory leadership style is insufficient.

Women, for example, must master all of the standard business skills required, such as acquiring financing to support expansion.

Furthermore, they require role models of growth-oriented female entrepreneurs who do not act like Machiavellian males.

Things are changing in the twenty-first century in terms of increased options for women.

However, because they are still the underdog, they will continue to work harder – to the advantage of everybody.

In Conclusion


In Jack Canfield’s “The Power of Focus,” he demonstrates how just focusing on what you desire and revisiting it on a regular basis will cause it to manifest in your life.

Remember that the past is irrelevant.

In a couple of months, you may recover and be on your path to increased business prosperity. But nothing will happen until you take action.

So get started right away.

With the appropriate mentality, you are already halfway to creating a successful woman-owned business that everyone admires and will give you a fantastic source of income and incredible happiness.


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