You are currently viewing Where does Kushal find himself after Three years as a Freelance Digital marketer ? What will be his 2.0 version?
Where does Kushal find himself after Three years as a Freelance Digital marketer

Where does Kushal find himself after Three years as a Freelance Digital marketer ? What will be his 2.0 version?

Where does Kushal find himself after Three years as a Freelance Digital marketer
Where does Kushal find himself after Three years as a Freelance Digital marketer?


It Started at the Dinner Table

It was around April 2020. Everybody in the family was at the dinner table. The main discussion was obviously ‘Corona’ and how it is affecting us and its turmoil all over the planet. As an Architect, my business was also in trouble.  However, my freelancing  Graphic design job was going fine. Then I thought about the future trend of the economy and business.  This thought was simply bothering me for the next two days, till I get an answer next day when meditating. I simply understood, businesses are not going to be the same in the coming days. Then how we will be managing our show? The simple answer was ‘Digital’ or simply saying ‘ Contactless’ and ‘Remote’.

Then I started researching about this new sphere of technology and fortunately found ‘ Digita Deepak Internship Program’. But I took time and narrowed down my research only on Deepak. I’m a slow but sure mover. Finally, I joined the Batch-11 and I’m delighted to say that this write-up is a part of the ‘Digital Deepak Internship Program’.

After lots of thought and brainstorming I’ve put my goal of three years or in other words, where do I see myself in the year of 2024 end as a Digital Marketer ( I chose 2024 as I’m already 51 years young and  should move fast to cope up.)

My goals are based few metrics like,

Specific: I will define my goal clearly. It should answer the 5 W’s (who, what, when, where, and why).

Measurable: I will measure my progress and success with target numbers and dates.

Attainable: I will try to be realistic as my goal needs to be achievable.

Relevant: My goal should relate to my overall business goals and factor in current trends in the industry.

Timely: My goal should have an end date.

Let me put them down as bullet points with a brief explanation.

  • First I will go for SWOT analysis and reflect on it for a considerable length of my time.
  • Next thing I will be fixing my marketing budget ( This will be done after the ‘Digital Deepak Internship Program’ course.
  • I will be outlining my sales funnel very clearly.
  • Digital freelance marketing can be an amazing career, but it’s not an easy road to get there, and I’ll definitely encounter challenges along the way. But I’ll grit my teeth, and stick it out. I will build up my professional portfolio, and try to get some testimonials on my website or online profile. Then I’ll find it much easier to get new clients.

But my preference will be working with Deepak.

However, by 2024 end I would be dealing with  12 corporate clients by myself.

Digital Marketing
  • My Top priority would be educating my visitors with my content. Content has long been king and coming years will be no different.
  • I am targeting 500K subscribers for my website by the 2024 end which I’ll be creating during the course.
  • By 2024 my total earning revenue target is 2 Cr.
  • As I‘m in my early fifties my health will be one of my top priority lists. Though I still feel young enough with sound health and enough energy.
  • I would be changing my weekly routine for this new venture. That will be divided by 50 – 50 i.e, 50% time will be dedicated to ‘Digital Freelancing’ and the rest 50% for Architectural consultancy and Graphic Design.
  • I will read at least one book on Digital Marketing per week and attend all the webinars on this topic.
  • I will make one or more than one ‘Mastermind Group’ to keep my skill sharp and updated. If necessary I would be outsourcing some of my jobs to them if I’m overloaded.
  • At the same time of freelancing, I would be creating my personal brand and personalize my marketing message by 2024 end.

I would be very sure of how the marketplace is describing me. I would definitely add a completely different value-based personality to my brand.

  • Another skill I will be acquiring is, How much to charge my clients and what will be my profit after tax.
  • The constant market analysis would be my priority for sure.
  • I am determined to rank higher by attracting valuable clients for my website which I‘ll be creating in the course of ‘Digital Deepak Internship Program’.
  • Establishing Authority will also be my top priority.
  • In every step of my business, I will be measuring my data and numbers. In other words, I’ll let my data make me more creative.
  • I will go on vacations whenever I feel like taking a break with my family ( Around 60 days a year).

With all of this in mind, 2024 is just three years from now and it’s best to be properly prepared for its arrival. I will start off strong by ensuring my new marketing strategy is in order and that it will be ready to go as soon as it is needed.

Sound overwhelming? Please put your comment below, Thank you for your time.


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