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Unbiased Review of ‘GetResponse’ Email Marketing Tool

Email Marketing Unbiased Review

Do you want to know if ‘GetResponse’ is the best email service provider (ESP) for your needs?

After all, email marketing is critical in practically every organization for generating online sales and maintaining a constant line of connection with clients.

As a result, in today’s post, we’ll look at GetResponse, one of the most popular email service providers on the market

GetResponse takes the lead with a stunning user interface and a slew of industry-leading features. GetResponse is a powerful email service provider and email marketing tool because of its split testing, large template library, and deep integrations. Email Marketing Science gives GetResponse its top recommendation. 

User Interaction

You may make an estimate or conduct a test to determine the best time to send an email. Alternatively, leave it to GetResponse. When you use Time Travel in an email campaign, your message may arrive in your readers’ inboxes at 11 a.m., regardless of where they live. Timezone discrepancies are handled by GetResponse. However, not every reader has the same timetable. GetResponse has a tool called Personalized Delivery Time to help with this. GetResponse keeps track of how many times each of your subscribers opens your emails. Then it adjusts the delivery timing of your campaign to coincide with when THEY are most likely to open it. Isn’t it just perfect timing? 

At the same time, A/B test up to five different variations. 

A/B testing and split testing are available from all email service providers. Split testing is possible with GetResponse in four ways: subject line, from field, email content, and delivery time. GetResponse is unusual in that you may pick from up to five different variants at once. That indicates you’re undertaking complex multivariate testing instead of a side-by-side A/B test. GetResponse takes care of the testing for you. GetResponse delivers the winning version to the remainder of your list after it has been identified. Allow machine learning to do the heavy lifting for you so you can concentrate on expanding your business.

Workflows that can be dragged and dropped 

Automations and triggers might be tricky, but few email service providers offer a visually appealing and intuitive user interface like GetResponse. By dragging and dropping pieces in the workflows builder, you may create complex routes for which message to deliver to your users. GetResponse also offers autoresponders that may be scheduled. In a manner similar to Outlook, Apple Calendar, or Google Calendar, you may drag and drop which emails are delivered when. 

Features of GetResponse Reviews 

Landing Pages & Forms

GetResponse offers a variety of pre-designed opt-in forms and landing pages. You may also tweak your landing pages for the best response, which is something we don’t see with other providers. 

Tracking & Analytics 

GetResponse provides basic data on delivered messages, such as open rate and click-through rate, as well as email list growth tracking. In web analytics tools like Google Analytics, you can track UTM link parameters. You may also measure e-commerce performance if you link GetResponse to an e-commerce supplier like Shopify or WooCommerce. 

Segmentation of Audiences and Lists 

GetResponse allows you to segment your list based on the information you have about your members. You may even classify your readers based on their campaign habits, such as whether they missed your previous mails. These are useful capabilities, but we wish GetResponse could create automated groups for us, such as lapsed shoppers (for e-commerce) and subscribers who haven’t opened your past few emails.

A/B testing and split testing

Split test the topic of your email, the content of your email, the sender’s name, and the time it takes for your email to arrive. You can only test one at a time, but up to five versions can be tested. Because your list size will likely restrict the amount of variants you can test, merely being able to test one variable at a time isn’t always a negative thing. GetResponse will immediately distribute the winning version to the remainder of your list once it has been identified. 

Marketing Automation, Triggers, and Sequences 

For triggers and sequences, GetResponse has a smart and elegant workflow. They have a lot of power. The UI may appear intimidating at first sight (it isn’t), but GetResponse includes a tutorial. You won’t get lost, and you’ll be able to create sequences that are among the greatest in the industry. Even if you’ve never used email marketing before. 


GetResponse offers a wide range of integrations. It works with e-commerce platforms, social media platforms, payment platforms, and Zapier. 

Plans that are completely free and plans that are only available for a limited time

There is no free plan available with GetResponse. Instead, you get a one-month free trial when you sign up for a package. If you run a non-profit, you can enjoy a lifetime discount of 50% off. 

In Conclusion

In this GetResponse review, we’ve covered quite a few advantages. Is GetResponse, however, the RIGHT email service provider for you?

Yes, GetResponse is perfect for you if your major demands are easy and straightforward design capabilities, plenty of automation options, and a huge library of templates.

Are you ready to witness it in action? Get started right away with GetResponse!

That’s all there is to it for today! We hope this GetResponse review was useful.

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