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Job is difficult! I just met with a new customer and was hoping to layout a three-month schedule that would later be re-evaluated for a future long-term repair plan. Instead, they wanted me to teach them the secrets of the SEO process, then they would write down all of these important secrets, let their ex-programmer transform something else with a title I don’t know, and then show me the door.

And that is essentially what happened, oh I know I am an idiot, I told the secrets, how could I, I should be embarrassed, woe is me, well I told them what other SEO developers believe to be the secrets. But I did reveal my secret: purpose, integrity, and hard work. They stared at me as if I were insane, saying, “Yeah, tell us the truth, and we’ll write you a check and you can be on your way.” 

So I shared some basic and clear techniques and processes for creating an internet presence, some ideas I’m experimenting with, and that Google is really critical, taking advantage of Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Google Local, and Google AdSense (all obvious things to me).

This did not appear to fulfill their quest for the holy grail of SEO; there must be something more, the golden pill, something more!? I’m sorry. They expected outcomes in a matter of days or weeks; unfortunately, it is not going to happen. I did announce (and I hope no one sues me for this) that in my experience, using a service (distribution of social, post, and video material) does not have the same impact as doing the same thing by hand.

I’m sorry, but I use one of the most famous delivery services called Traffic Geyser; you might be thinking to yourself right now, “oh cool now he’s done it, he’s let the cat out of the bag,” but they’ve been having a tonne of issues lately, which has caused me a lot of needless work. Also, their product isn’t perfect; they haven’t worked out any of the kinks yet. Although most importantly, I have discovered, at least it seems to me, that when I distribute my media by hand to all of the various pages, I get more visible results. It’s similar to how web sites that take videos, posts, blogs, and so on realize when a robot is filling out their forms; additionally, web sites alter and are well aware of the form filling robots; they believe their platform is being used when processed by these robots and make modifications to ensure a human is filling out the form.

As a result, the development of Captcha boxes appearing on most web sites to ensure that it’s a human filling out their forms is understandable; they want to maintain the integrity of their site, after all, it’s supposed to be a social experience, and what are distribution services but a means for them to distribute on a mass scale, to more sites and more clients, quickly and efficiently.

And so here’s my big secret, my hard work, and my purpose: instead of using a service, I do this grunt work with the intention of doing a better job so that my client has an internet presence, so more clients go to his site and order their service or product, and my client gets more money, bam! That’s my secret; I recently learned that if you want to make a lot of money, you can make a lot of money for someone else. What do you think? am I crazy?, it’s so easy, people helping people (make money), it’s a new idea, a new paradigm, I am riding a new wave, follow me, it works.

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