More Than Just Procrastination or Writer’s Block: What’s Really Stopping You From Writing?

If you are analyzing this it’s because you need to jot down extra. Chances are which you’re in one in all two positions: You want to put in writing every day but aren’t doing it, or you are writing but no longer almost as much or as frequently as you need to.

So what’s stopping you?

If you’re in both of these positions, you’re not on my own. Even a number of the maximum successful writers inside the world started with the equal problem.

There are things that can be typically given because of the purpose for this. Writer’s block and/or procrastination.

But while you consider those two culprits, it soon becomes apparent that they’re now not the reasons in any respect.

They’re just excuses.

Writer’s block and procrastination both come from worry and laziness. Fear of the blank page and/or now not know how or where to begin writing something. Or really being too lazy to sit down down and write.

And the usage of those excuses isn’t always useful in any respect due to the fact they won’t clear up your hassle.

So in case, you need to show matters around and come to be a prolific writer, first you want to recognize precisely what your problem is.

What is it this is stopping you from writing every day?

Do the subsequent three steps to get you to lower back to writing daily.

1. Get out a pad and pen and write down your writing dreams. You may be as descriptive as you want. 

  • Do you want to do blogging, eBook writing, novel writing?
  • Where do you want to jot down?
  • How frequently?
  • Handwrite first or work immediately to the keyboard?
  • How tons do you want to earn?
  • How many books do you want to write down every 12 months?

Make sure you write down everything which you want to reap. Have a clear vision of your self as a successful author. Include a timeline of whilst you need to reap all of it.

2. Now write down what you are currently doing in preference to writing. Don’t depart whatever out. Include what you do every morning, afternoon, and nighttime as well as travel time and lunch breaks, and weekends.

Then take a look at your list and see how a good deal of time you are spending doing non-vital things instead of your writing.

Then ask why? Why are these other matters so essential? Be sincere. Why are you setting all this stuff ahead of your writing?

3. Ask yourself what are you able to do to healthy writing every day? We all have time to write down, even though we tell ourselves we do not. It’s just a remember of making writing your precedence in place of a part-time hobby.

What non-critical things are you able to delete from your each day lifestyles?

Also, look at different matters you may do to help you start writing:

  • Do a writing path
  • Change your diet (allows creativity and motivation)
  • Get extra exercise
  • Meditate

Things you may do to help you write extra won’t be writing associated. You need to feel exquisite to do first-rate matters and be at your high-quality (wholesome weight-reduction plan and exercising). You also want downtime for questioning.

So try it now.

Sit down with paper and pen and interrogate yourself. If you’re absolutely honest, the answer could be extraordinarily revealing. You’ll possibly uncover matters about the manner you suspect that you’ve never observed earlier than.

Having to write matters out and provide an explanation for it all forces you to suppose greater logically and certainly which can uncover truths approximately your self that you never knew before.

Just remember that something in lifestyles may be triumph over.

You just want a plan.

And then you definitely want to take action and work your plan.

Start with number one above and paintings your manner thru the three-step method to writing each day.

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