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MANIFEST ANYTHING – Stop focusing on – ‘How’

In today’s article, I want to share with you why you should stop focusing on how your goal is going to manifest and what you want, stop focusing on how to achieve it and why.

Focusing on this excessive is this obsession that you have with how is actually wreaking havoc on your ability to create whatever it is that you want and achieve that goal that you want. And by the end of this article, I’m going to share with you what to focus on instead, so that the ‘how’ and the ‘when’ become a natural consequence. I’m really excited to get started with this real quick.

Without further delay, let’s go right ahead and get started. Today’s subject is about forgetting ‘how’ and ‘why’. It’s so important to forget how.

So when I got started off on this journey, I remember thinking about making money and starting up a business. I was like, all right, what business should I start that makes me money? And when I started thinking about those things, then my heart wasn’t in it. My mind wasn’t in it. I was just focused on trying to make money. But as you know, focusing on making money rarely ever makes you money.

Money is a byproduct of value, and value is a byproduct of what you find valuable, what others find valuable, and what you’re passionate about sharing.

And a lot of successful business owners have become successful. They become successful because they enjoy some aspect of their business.

Every time I focused on how, it would always lead me to two things, which are the two biggest enemies to reality creation, to manifesting your goal.

So let’s talk about the consequences of having a ‘how’ focus’. The consequences of having a ‘how focus’, which is what I struggle with, are, number one, doubt, and number two, which is kind of similar hesitation.

What do I mean by that? Well, please think about it this way. Whenever you have a goal and you kind of think about your goal and you’re like, now how do I get it?

I don’t even know if I can do that. You’re not even clearly bought into your goal and what you want.

Please take a moment to think about this.

If I wanted to grow a successful coaching business in personal development. And I thought about it. I was like, all right, this will make me money, but then who would pay me for it?

If you really clearly understand why you want it, and you’re fully bought in, then no matter what obstacle, doubt, or hesitation arises, it gets obliterated by the sheer power of your own passion.

Most people are not bought into what they want to do. They’re not fully committed.

That’s why they focus on ‘how’ and doubt and hesitation become the immediate consequence of that.

So now let’s talk about what to focus on instead. So you have those core elements that you need to become a powerful creator of your reality, to have that thing that you want to manifest.

And before I do that, I kind of want to get into my personal story so this becomes a little more relatable.

When I got started off on this journey, as many of you know, I wanted to grow my own business. I just knew that I wanted to have something of my own that kind of gave me freedom in my life.

I didn’t want to go into that corporate career in engineering. After I graduated, when I did a summer internship, I was like, oh, shit. Is this what I want the rest of my life to end up? Like, I was looking at all these people. They were depressed. They were almost sticking their arms in the machines trying to get workers comp.

And I was like, this is not what I signed up for. And that was like a massive wake-up call to me.

I almost got depressed. I was like, oh my God, this cannot be it. Absolutely no.

And so I started to think about, OK, what do I want? Well, look, my buddy here has an e-commerce business and my buddy there has a lifestyle like Vlogging business. Is this what I want? Kind of. Okay, I don’t know. And so I was immediately thinking about ‘how’ and ‘when’. 

I was like, all right, let’s try trading. I’m going to read this trading book and become a trader so I can gain financial freedom.

I was doing everything that I possibly could to gain financial freedom, but that never worked because I was continually focusing on the ‘how’ and the vehicle that will get me there.

Instead, when I started focusing on, hey, what am I passionate about? What do I really want? And I followed that. And in my mind, I had a goal of somehow monetizing it at the right time.

As I kept pursuing my passion, what I wanted, what I saw happening over time, that vision that I wanted to have started to get clearer and clearer, and the ‘how’ and the ‘when’ showed themselves.

So for a very long time, I visualized myself being in my dream house, waking up next to the woman of my dreams, and all of that.

So I just focused on that picture and how I felt when I was there. And I just took action.

What I thought I needed to do now, I had the idea of starting up a blogging site.

And so towards the end of 2019, I started up a Blog. I started posting articles on it, sharing stuff that I’m literally just passionate about.

I had no idea how to monetize it. I thought maybe I was going to make money off Google ads, or I was going to make money selling merch or something.

But then as I pursued this journey, and as I was about to graduate, someone reached out to me, and they were like, hey, do you do coaching? I’m willing to pay you for coaching.

And I was like, oh my God, that makes so much sense. I could charge for coaching because I love coaching people. I love helping people, I love working with people. And that aligned with what I really wanted, and I enjoyed it.

And so when I did that, I had a lot of eureka moments from there.

Today, I have a very successful seven-figure business. Our clients are getting amazing results. I’m living a life that is beyond my imagination, right?

I never expected this. I just wanted, like, a six-figure business that just gave me the financial freedom to be able to do what I wanted.

But now I have it all. And so on this website, I basically try my best to share with you how you can do the same for yourself.

You can have things that are beyond your wildest dreams if you just focus on the right things.

Okay, so let’s talk about what I focused on during that period so that you understand it and you can apply it for yourself.

So most people focus on the ‘how’ and ‘when’. How am I going to get money and when am I going to get money? Never works.

But the best thing to focus on is these three things. And this is what we teach our clients in our premium program.

Number one, you must get intellectual clarity in your mind about what you want, clearly. Painting a picture. Okay, so a lot of people are visual thinkers. They can paint a picture of what they want.

So if you look at yourself, your life in ten years, five years, one year, what do you want? What does it look like? What does a day in this ideal life look like? This is an important exercise.

If you can paint a clear picture of what you’re doing, who you’re hanging out with, your environment, and how much money.

If you could have anything or restrictions barred, if you could literally have anything, no conditions attached, like, imagine you’re in a store and you have infinite money, you could buy anything that you wanted, what would you buy? What would you buy for your life?

Paint a clear picture of that.

And then we want to get emotional clarity. Why do you want it? Okay, please ask yourself this. Deep down, why do you want all of these things? What does it feel like when you have all of these things? What deep pain would it solve for you?

Because we’re always like we’re living life between fear and desire, pain and pleasure. This is the zone in which we live this dual life.

So you must know what your deepest pains are. And basically, when you flip it, you know what your greatest pleasures are. Get emotional clarity around why it is you want it.

For me, it was getting away from a life of mediocrity. I always think about, hey, is this what all of these great people brought me up? My grandparents, my family? Did they go through all this hardship for me to be here today in a mediocre career doing this mediocre shit? No.

So that’s my core emotional driver. We do this exercise in our program, where we go down deep to find out your core emotional drive.

Once you find your core emotional driver and you just simply ask why. Until you get to the deepest pain that you feel is driving you.

Once you find that why and you get emotional clarity on it, then you’ve got it.

For me, it’s the fear of the aversion to being mediocre, right?

So you know what your deepest fear is and what your deepest pains are. It’s a biological thing. You have to find what pain it is that drives you, what fear it is that drives you.

We will do anything possible to avoid death. Our biological programming is programmed in such a way that we’re more intent on avoiding death than we are on surviving and living.

We will do more to avoid death than to actually live.

And finally, you’ve got to get clarity on who it is you must become identity-wise in order to effortlessly OK, the keyword is effortlessly living that ideal life that you painted ‘who’.

Once you have your ‘what’, ‘why’, and ‘who’, and you’re clear on it and you live from it to the best of your ability every single day, the ‘how’ and ‘when’ naturally reveal themselves.

And that’s what happened to me. I knew what it is I wanted. I knew why I wanted it, and I knew who it is I needed to become in order to achieve it.

And when I focused on those things every day and I just took action from that place, from that place of who from that ideal place of being that ideal business owner.

That’s when that how showed up. And that’s when the Win showed up too. 

Hope you enjoyed the article. Let me know your thoughts on this below in the comment box.

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