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How To Convert Sports Traffic in 2020

Ladies and gentlemen: it’s official! The best of the best are lighting up arenas and stadiums across the globe with adrenaline-inducing, heart-thumping, show-stopping fixtures. The world is watching and ready to take in the action. And why not! After a year like 2020, it’s high time we get together and cheer on the future of digital!

It’s time for advertisers to leverage back into sporting events, to increase their online performance and level up some rolling returns!

We’ll take you through the top campaign tips, tricks, and strategies to advertise all the massive sporting traffic crashing onto the scene in 2020 and 2021!

In this article, advertisers/affiliates will get to grips with all the benefits of running a successful sporting campaign, including…

⚽ Targeting the right Geos
🏈 Choosing the right Ad Formats
⚾ Selecting the right Targeting
🏀 Opting for CPA Target Bidding
🏓 Utilizing the right campaign budgeting and capping
🎾 Running multiple campaigns

So, without further delay: advertisers, you’re up first! Get your game face on as we answer the one true question on everyone’s mind..

How Do I Get the Most Online Traffic From Sports?

There are a whole bunch of different ways to make the most of sports and, with so many fantastic fixtures coming your way, these are the tools you need to make the absolute most of the season.

Let’s tackle!

The Sports Strategy Guide

Step 1: Always Target the Right GEOs

So, usually, this depends on the regions you’re trying to break into. Certain GEOs hold all-year-round popularity, like the USA, Canada, and Mexico. Latin America is an up and comer with a massive football presence across the continent.

But, with sports having been away for so long, global appeal is at an all-time high! So, come in strong and target your traffic worldwide as a general rule (unless, of course, your offer is very much country-specific).

Step 2: Choosing the Right Ad Formats

Lately, we’ve seen great results in a few ad formats. Namely…

Pop-Under Ads

A top seller and the go-to for most sporting campaigns. They’re less disruptive, and “pop up” when the user is done completing a task.

If you opt for Pop-Under ads, make sure that…

  • Your landing page is in line with the event that you’re promoting;
  • You use specific target keywords in line with the event;
  • You avoid using generic, boring CTAs;
  • You bring in your own incentives & bonuses for stronger interaction.

Still not convinced? Check out 5 Reasons Why Pop-Unders are Still so Effective.

Interstitial Ads

With strong visibility and reach, Interstitials ensure a nice delay in exit times. Their 5-second countdown window gives way to a nice increase in audience interaction.

Score the winning shot and see why Interstitials are the Ultimate Cure for Banner Blindness.

Step 3: Select the Right Targeting Features

Make sure your ads are always displaying to the right audience, i.e the people most likely to click through and convert, based on niche (in this case, sports) and, (you guessed it), user interest! 🙋‍♂️ Welcome to…

User Interest Targeting

Adcash’s User Interest Targeting enables advertisers/affiliates to target buyers based on their browsing preferences. When it comes to the current and upcoming sporting season, select the “sports” category and nothing else.

By doing this, your ads will target themselves directly to traffic sources who’ve shown noticeable interest in sports-related websites.

  • Select “all supply sources” when using the above targeting method.
  • Use the “spread” option when adding capping. This ensures your budget lasts longer.
  • To target ONLY sports sites, you’ll need to select sport as a “site category”.

Keyword Targeting

Make sure you’re using the right keywords related to sports and upcoming sporting events. This will let you target the same keywords that website owners and publishers would use, like, “UFC Fight Night, football, NBA playoffs”, etc.


It also pays to localize keywords in your native language as well as highlighting specific information, like where the event might be taking place.

Step 4: Use CPA Target Bidding

Welcome to a world of seamless, fully automated ad optimization. Here you’re able to set the CPA cost of what you’re willing to pay for each conversion and we’ll match it to the tee with cutting edge AI.

With the CPA Target Bidding, you can say “Goodbye to Manual Optimizing and Hello to Machine Learning, creating bid adjustments from scratch and never having to manually tweak your traffic sources again!

Ask us how –

Step 5: Budgeting and Capping

When setting your budget, use the “weekly distribution” option which will allow your campaign to run ONLY when relevant sporting events are taking place. Meaning you get the highest traffic and the most bang for your buck in the build-up to game time!

Step 4: Running Multiple Campaigns

Tackling two campaigns at the same time can be a sure-fire strategy to acquiring multiple traffic sources. Your campaign can be broken into the below two types…

Campaign 1: Adcash Specific

By targeting your campaign to the Adcash direct supply inventory you’ll have unprecedented access to a network of over 100,000 site owners. To set up this campaign, you’ll need to…

  • Disable “allow traffic from different supply sources” on the DSP platform. This means that no new “external sources” will be added to the campaign.
  • Also, disable the “spread budget through the day” when setting up your campaign capping. This way the traffic you get will run according to spikes in the sporting calendar and not drain out in fixture downtime. .

And lastly, you’re going to want to whitelist specific sporting categories. We recommend tapping into things like…

🏈 Sports
⚽ Live Sporting Events
🎾 Sport News
🏀 Sports Videos and Channels
⚾ Sport Betting

Campaign 2: All Other Supply Sources

For your other campaign, you could move into External Supply Sources. Simply select “All” in the drop down menu and disable “Adcash”.

The same rules apply for capping. Disable the “spread budget throughout the day” option and whitelist the same sporting categories (like you did above).

So, all said and done on the advertiser front, you may be wondering…

How Adcash brings your campaign to life?

  • With our exclusive network of publishers, we ensure you always get a direct flow of premium traffic, straight from the source.
  • We only show the most relevant ads to users, ensuring a highly targeted approach every time.
  • Our cutting-edge ad fraud technology goes above and beyond, eliminating fraudulent traffic and bothersome bots whilst protecting your campaigns from any external interference.

We hope we’ve set you on the road to campaign advertising awesomeness!

If you’ve been around the block a while and are looking to jump back into sports, then power to you! And, if you’re new to the game and this is your first rodeo, then sign up today.

Need some more info? No sweat! Reach out to us via email at and we’ll answer any questions you may have.


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