Digital Marketing – the ultimate gospel of today’s business.

Digital Marketing


What does ‘digital marketing mean? It’s all in the air now a day. But does the true meaning of this new trend really underestimate? Let’s learn about marketing’s basics and basics. And before we jump into digital marketing, I feel it is important to get the basics.

There are two words – ‘Digital’ and ‘Marketing. Most of us assume that knowing all about Digital techniques will be a sure route to success in the field of ‘Digital Marketing. But Truth lies in the word ‘Marketing’. Of course, the digital marketers are all well equipped with all the digital know-how but with the right marketing mindset.

Digital marketing is more concerned with marketing than with digital marketing. Digital is essentially a medium for marketing. And many who learn digital marketing end up focusing all too much on computer technology, the software and strategies for doing Facebook ads, Google ads, SEOs, social media, and all this. But they have no great basics in marketing at the end of the day. So digital marketing becomes easy when you really understand marketing.

But marketing will not change if we learn to market, because it is rooted in and is based on the fundamentals of human psychology. Therefore, we will focus greatly on learning, marketing, and the basics of marketing.

The marketing concept is currently undergoing maritime changes. Companies have engaged people in the past decade who are experts in expanding web business. Industries and individual entrepreneurs become more and more aware that traditional marketing methods are now out of date. Digital marketing is the latest skill which is being encountered by technology geeks.

It is a fact that the mass is currently using digital marketing more frequently and are becoming increasingly illuminated each day. The world around the digital world today revolves. You can no longer desire the digital world from securing news and perspectives to get entertainment bundles on your mobile phones and laptops and place orders online.

Now let’s see what we should learn about ‘Digital Marketing and we will take some help from DDIP – week 2 lessons.

Marketing is science-based rather than creative. 

Many think marketing is just a matter of creativity, of creating slogans or very creative products for advertising. Marketing is certainly not science-based and it’s a simple number game. But we shouldn’t forget creativity also. We will need creativity while choosing our niche and creating products, if at all.

Marketing begins before the product is created. Marketing commences before creating a product, the understanding of the customer and the customer’s requirements begins to lead to the creation of a suitable product. The product or service will be sold itself if you develop such a product. Much of my products and services I’ve already been marketing. And I understood my customers better during the marketing process. Marketing involves sending the correct message at the correct time to the right person.

For example, I found Deepak ( DDIP) while searching for a digital course and got connected ( I was already in the sales funnel). Then I studied him a lot and compared him with other course providers. But I found him the best in the lot so far and I enrolled. That’s exactly what calls – Right message at right time to the right person.

We can say that the days of an unprecedented marketing approach have ended. Today it is time to work with the customer one by one. The enterprises communicate with their customers in order to gain an idea of their products’ challenges and troubles. The company prefers a one-on-one relationship with the customer, instead of being a distant organization, and that is possible digitally by marketing this product. Our primary objective is to build confidence with our target audience and to build confidence with many people.

Marketing’s purpose is to establish a brand and to take a customer position. We ought to make it fit the customer’s needs, just mention the product, and people will simply go and purchase, we do not have to make a high-pressure sales pitch, we don’t have to try and persuade them and we don’t have to shoot them.

Marketing is a perception game as well. And in reality, your product has its roots. A great product will sell itself then when you create a high-quality product, marketing is not required.

Marketing is therefore a game of perceptions and the product is a real game. Lead marketing is therefore never more important than the product. This is where our focus should be because we want to make the customer so happy as to make our customer go ahead and refer to other individuals in our products once we get a customer through good marketing and the focus on the product must be kept.

A great product transforms your customers into brand ambassadors, mouth marketing is the best marketing channel ever. People are more confident than ever in the recommendations of other people today. Make sure that the products, services, or whatever are a powerful word of mouth. Writing copies are also one of the marketing components. Sales are also one of the marketing components. Marketing is something that encompasses all, we simply have to learn marketing and master marketing and all will come together.

Let’s talk branding now. In a particular category, we don’t need to be number one, we can be the only one. And we must continue and become the number one in a particular category. And it comes to category leadership. And the category must be chosen. The most important thing is to choose a category and to be a leader in that category. As far as branding is concerned decide what it is and half of our job is done. People remember only the number one or number two at best.

number one


How to be the number one then? There are several methods like choosing a niche. But as far as mentorship is concerned, creating more number ones is the only way, I believe. The more successful customer we create the more tenure we will remain number one. Moreover, it will create a huge impact on the world in long run. That is what Deepak is doing.

As a subject, marketing never goes out of mode. And marketing is the most important investment for a company, as it produces direct profit. All else like manufacturing, production, and HR, Accounting is an expenditure that does not give an immediate return on investments. We have a lot to spend on establishing a company and anything you spend will not return immediately.

But once all the money is spent, marketing is the last investment that you will make with everything possible inside a company.

And the money you spend on marketing has an immediate return on revenues.

The backbone will therefore be marketing for many businesses, and that is a subject that cannot be ignored. That’s why we should know that every founder and CEO should learn marketing and know the basics of marketing so that the strategy is developed accordingly. And you can hire people for execution if the strategy has been perfectly developed.

Communication Skill

Babies learn how to communicate from birth, building on their inherent ability to communicate through weeping with their mother. Then, throughout life, the development and progress of a person depend on the communication of some form, whether to be transmitted to or received by others. Communication skills are a very important tool to help everyone succeed.

It is no coincidence that most big companies and organizations incorporate communication skills into their career development training programs. Their long-term success and efficiency will be greatly contributed by employees with good communication skills in most companies and nonprofit organizations. Few in companies argue that the better you can communicate, the more success you will have, and the more your career will prosper in the future. Naturally, there are more factors to achieve success than communication skills, but there is no doubt that they can contribute.

Integrated Digital marketing

The latest digital marketing trend is the development of different digital marketing platforms.

Marketers typically use several applications like an automation marketing platform, a CRM system, SEO, Social Media Marketing, e-Mail marketing, and a tool for web analysis. We could also use a website-facing Content Management System. The ability to generate and leverage profound customer insights is a need for marketers to compete effectively.

Several digital platforms that work in silos do not communicate and thus do not provide the customer with a common view across multiple channels. This essentially creates a major obstacle to gathering customer-centered insight from the vast amounts of data from various independently operating digital Marketing Platforms. This data is collected for analysis with a lot of time and effort.

To do so, it provides a complete platform that integrates all of these digital marketing platforms into a connected ecosystem and provides the customer with a single vision.

Personal branding

We all have a personal brand, one thing for sure. We have a personal brand, and we share this brand with everyone we’ve ever met. Our personal brand is the way we decide to portray ourselves. The question, then, is this brand we agree with? Does it really represent who we are?

Thus, a brand has a different name, idea, design, symbols, attributes, reputation, and quality. That is why the identity of Apple differs from that of Samsung, although it essentially sells the same idea. Same ideas, but various modes of presentation. Each one is unique in that.

The concept is the same, and it is on a personal level, the only difference.

Our brand name is personal. So our appearance is our brand design, and we look different than anyone else. We have parents, our fingerprints,  our values,  our character,  our voice,  our qualities, and our perceptions, and our elements. We’re unique, therefore. That’s what personal branding means, as it is our authentic self and as such.

There are a number of internet sites that have great resources to set our personal brand values. This is in the form of an adjective list describing our values. Let’s choose the top 5 words that are true to us and who we are by means of a removal process. Find out why we chose these words and what they mean for us. Use them and hold ourselves responsible for our personal mission statement. These should be reported on our resume, website, social media platforms, and blog posts.

We should also have a start-up product where we sell and sell different products like  SaaS products. That’s how a personal brand’s evolution works. And we can use here a framework. It’s a master trust, we can call it a blueprint.

We are building trust, master confidence, with many people. We are building confidence.

And it’s easy for us to get clients for our start-up once we get into mentorship.

We, therefore, begin with learning and then work in this particular area. And then we begin to blog, and then we begin to consult. We’ll do mentorship, then. We start our own beginning finally.

What is Traditional Marketing? 

Traditional publicity includes the tested advertising methods that you probably know. These ads are broadcast by radio, TV, Magazines, Newspapers, Local newspapers, and Mailings. A change of demographics is the key to the downward trend of the traditional method of publicity. Increased numbers have reached adulthood and become the main buyers of goods and services with the Internet as an ordinary part of their lives. As they are more likely to trust and deal with digital publicity methods, you can see how traditional publicity methods tend in the wrong direction. TV is still the most popular advertising form, but experts expect digital advertising in the next five years to reach and transform television.

What is Digital Marketing? 

All types of web marketing include digital marketing, ranging from social media and corporate websites to search engines and banner ads. In a modern economy, digital advertising has many advantages, making it a preferential method. The first key is the changing population, as mentioned above. Over time, the trends in digital advertising only tend to be more evident. People of all ages who use technology on a regular basis expect their publicity to be informative and engaging beyond the traditional means of advertising.

Digital advertising provides an option to connect with consumers, build lasting relations, as well as the ability to reach a new population. We can communicate directly with your customers through social media, provide specials and brief news that will bring new business, and help former customers return for further information. Digital advertising provides a singular inbound marketing opportunity as consumers can easily find and connect to us, apart from creating Web and social media pages. without any direct effort on your part.

Whilst traditional publicity still plays a role in today’s market, trends continue as time progresses towards digital advertising.

For some companies, the most effective way to reach customers is by combining digital and traditional advertising. Others opt for digital technology alone. At least some digital advertising, whether in combination or exclusively, must be included for every modern business person. Avoiding digital advertising and using traditional methods alone is a sure way to miss key populations and see the marketing efficiency of your competition and digital commercialization? Obviously, it’s the future wave.

Last but not least we should understand the CATT method as described by Deepak. This we will learn in week -3.

Wealth = n ^ CATT

Where ‘n’ stands for our niche, ‘C’, ‘A’, ‘T’ and ‘T’ for Content, Attention, Trust and Transact.


Conclusion :

According to field experts, digital marketing is the last word in this highly technological world. In the form of an email answer, it should be common for you to post a blog or submit an online review to ensure the product is kept the best on the market.

There must be some very fundamental steps in order to ensure the correct digital exposure. The experts in digital marketing have to change the trend. Different categories need to be addressed and their unique content needs to take account of the different types of people. A clear idea of how the audience interacts should be given.

Constantly optimizes. Different categories of people need to be targeted, with unique content taking into account the different types of people. A lucid idea should be the type of interaction with the audience.

The optimization of our websites on a regular basis is required. In order to succeed in this area, the fundamental concepts of campaign objectives and strategy must be understood. There are always three-pronged digital marketing.

First of all, we must focus on and build your product’s right viewer.

Second, a marketing campaign should use web analytics to the maximum.

Thirdly, it is important to produce the appropriate commodity content.

You can’t help quickly learning the ropes of science if you satisfy all three criteria. Learn digital online marketing through DDIP < > – IT’S THE BEST. Ask a skeptical guy like me ( I waited and did all the researches for 5 months before joining). You’ll not repent, this much I can say.

Please feel free to comment on today’s subject in the comment box below.

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