Scientific Benefits of Rudraksha beads

Rudraksha beads are considered sacred from historical times. A few information that should be beneficial to you.

Scientific advantages of Rudraksha beads

In today’s world, nearly 98% of humans of all ages face intellectual and phycological problems due to their acquired thought processes. Due to the fast-paced life, they have fallen prey to a range of illnesses like hypertension, insomnia, diabetes, depression, heart and psychological troubles like depression, arrogancy, anger, floor thinking, incorrect ‘Set Mind’ thought pattern, Fixed outlook, Poor existence centric living, etc. When we go deeper in analyzing these problems, we see a frequent supply and that is the imbalance amongst our mind, body, and the actual we. Due to our Social, Economical, Religious, Academic and so called Religious system, we spend most of our time solely for survival, which is in basic terms for a brief time between our birth and death. Nobody is definitely accountable for this but our Systems. Our historic texts maintain one of the magical treatments for these self-inflicted human issues and that is – Rudraksha.

Rudraksha beads are viewed very sacredly the historical times. As described in the Shiva Purana, the Rudraksha tree used to be shaped through the blissful tear drops of Lord Shiva and has outstanding recuperation ( A metaphoric story for common human beings who are caught in the whirlpool of life inertia). It is noted that Rudraksha heals a number of illnesses and has a therapeutic impact on the thinking process and body. Rudraksha strengthens our thinking to combat all odds in life. Often due to ignorance, humans partner the Rudraksha with any other spiritual products. However, a number of scientific lookups carried out world-wide proved that Rudraksha due to its Electro-Magnetic residences works magically on our body. It channelizes superb ( Smooth ) waft of strength and leaves a rejuvenating and calming influence on our thinking and body structure. Hence, it is worshipped and worn for in search of the benevolence of Lord Shiva and the advantages it holds.

Scientific Health Benefits of Rudraksha:

Stabilizing Benefit:

Our physique is like a desktop with an in-built bio-electric circuit. Each physique phase connects with a non-stop drift of blood from the coronary heart to the BRAIN and then to the relaxation of our body. In the everyday path of events, the circuit in our physique works flawlessly however annoying way of life and surroundings performs havoc on its flow. This disturbance leads a man or woman to quite a number of mental illnesses. Rudraksha bead helps unravel these issues by means of stabilizing our physique and having a calming impact on our coronary heart system and senses. The Rudraksha exerts proper pressure around the coronary heart which improves its performance, controls the coronary heartbeat, and continues the blood circulation.

Magnetic Benefits:

Rudraksha beads act as a magnet due to their property of Dynamic Polarity. It clears all the interferences and blockages in our body circuit like closed/ blocked arteries and veins due to its magnetic impact and makes the blood waft in our body smooth. It gets rid of any variety of waste, ache, and sickness from the physique and as a result has an anti-aging effect.

Personality shaping benefits:

We regularly come throughout humans who showcase distinctive characteristics like confidence, Genius ( Balance ), Endurance, etc. The motive in the back of the show off of such inclinations lies in the fine management and mechanism of the brain. Human beings who can manage their idea and thoughts are more advantageous humans who honestly enjoy each and every aspect of Life. Rudraksha beads of different Mukhi or face act as a persona shaped and helps its wearer to be confined or solely calculated (desired) wonderful talent signals. This helps the human in attaining and enhancing the preferred balanced behavioral characteristics.

Dielectric Benefits:

Rudraksha beads infuse us with a high-quality attitude. Scientific research shows that Rudraksha beads have dielectric properties, which skill that they act as a storage unit for any immoderate or awful ( Cyclic) energy. Whenever we are pressured out, bodily or mentally, our physique produces greater strength which if now not saved or burned, creates trouble in our body which makes us hyper tensed, anxious, angery, blaming type, and different disorders. Rudraksha beads stabilize this undesirable strength supply and improve our unbalanced worried gadget and stabilize these immoderate hormones.

Anti-Inflammation Benefits:

Rudraksha beads have anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. Drinking the water of soaked Rudraksha will construct your resistance in the direction of a number of diseases. It is a prosperous supply of Vitamin C.

The Rudraksha bead additionally aids in figuring out if the meals or water that we are about to devour is pure or not. Hang the Rudraksha chain over water, if it moves in the clockwise direction, the water is pure and advocated for consumption. But, if it strikes in the anti-clockwise path then it isn’t good for consumption. The same is the case with meal items. Hold the Rudraksha bead above positively-enriched meals and the bead will pass in the clockwise route however if you maintain it over negatively-enriched food, it will go in the anti-clockwise direction.

Risks :

1With the several advantages, Rudraksha can additionally cause countless Danger too, if chosen and worn in the wrong way. Like all exceptional powers, it has, its very own beneficial and ill impact on any living being.

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Is Chronic Stress Killing You?

stress photo

Think about it.

Is chronic strain killing you?

Is all strain bad for your health?

The Answer: No, no longer all strain is horrific, neither is all stress created equal-a few is critical for life and important for most effective well-being of mind and body. In the proper amounts, stress can enhance brain characteristics, permit innovative endeavors, enhance immune characteristics, make it viable to grow to be bodily fit, decrease your threat of cancer, prevent Alzheimer’s, and lots extra. Stress has to be a high-quality pressure, no longer an obstacle to your health.

It’s the chronic strain you feel day in and day trip this is an impediment in your existence-and silently destroying your well-being and contentment. This pressure, due to all the terrible fitness ramifications, may additionally in the end kill you or someone you understand. It may sound harsh but consider it. Stress is in epidemic proportions in our pressure-crammed, confused-out global.

We all pretty a good deal recognize and accept that in balanced quantities, sure varieties of pressure is important and proper for us. But, the hassle-our measure for healthful stress is excessive and out-of-manipulate in our society. Stress isn’t all within the head, from racing the clock, lengthy paintings days, and hard instances.

Think about it. Stress can be, environmental, chemical, emotional, or bodily. It’s all around us and too much strain is within us, disrupting the highest quality health. We have to aspect in all of the types of strain the body and thoughts enjoy every day. And till we learn to permit pass off, or physiologically discover a release for pressure, it accumulates in our body, on the cell degree, placing us at risk.

The adverse outcomes of stress (of all kinds) to human fitness are a systematic fact. Google it and you’ll study through the night. Stress can damage your fitness, your existence, your relationships, your sleep, your waistline, and the list is going on and on…

This scenario is anybody people, on any given day: Let’s say you think about something annoying-work, cash, relationships, whatever can be troubling you. Your amygdala (inside your mind) senses danger. Your amygdala initiates your frame’s combat-or-flight response to strain.stress photo

In the “combat or flight,” response your body releases adrenaline and the stress hormone cortisol, which diverts blood far from your digestive tract and leaves you not able to digest meals and absorb nutrients, which in turn, causes you too much more likely to gain weight.

In this physiological disaster you’re greater susceptible to pain-continual contamination, arthritis, migraines, stomach disillusioned, insomnia, despair, decreased immune characteristic, and lots greater. In a kingdom of increased physiological caution, due to immoderate strain, our brain’s creative center is deemed non-vital and shuts down. Please read the closing sentence once more. The end result? Problem-fixing abilities come to be muddled, creative capabilities disappear and can’t be put into motion, and intuition abruptly feels find it irresistible can not be relied on. We experience irritability, isolated and impatience. Relationships suffer. Stress influences sleep, metabolism slows down. It is a bad downhill cycle that wishes healthful intervention.

Good News!

Bioenergy Care dissipates the chronic strain that is killing you.

Think approximately it.

Bioenergy is revolutionary fitness care-neuroscience and studies help this groundbreaking device of recuperation.

Information approximately Bioenergy, a device I experience you may need to research greater about and contain into your exercise-is “pure chiropractic” that eliminates debilitating stress to the human body. The strain epidemic is not going away any time quickly-due to the fact demands of current lifestyles and environmental stressors are right here to stay. Ask yourself, who do you already know that has physical and mental fitness issues because of unmanaged strain?

Bioenergy for complex physiological pressure troubles is less difficult than you know. Think about it. Watch for greater data from me-I want you to discover what I recognize is completely secure, powerful, groundbreaking care.

Bioenergy corrective care is the “Evolution of Chiropractic.” With the introduced recognition on the mind and brain stem, and neuroscience to support it, as a Doctor of Chiropractic, you may have come full circle whilst you knew this essential aspect of the practice. Bioenergy directs alerts to the mind reestablishing neuromuscular emotional styles. Retraining of the sub-occipital muscle tissues protecting the mind stem improves the feature of the complete frame. Interference, when no longer corrected, reasons imbalance and distortion within the life force strength and is frequently related to damaging physiological responses.

INEOS TEAM UK and Garmin Prep for America’s Cup

February 8, 2021

We’re about one month to the gun of the world’s oldest international race, and one team in particular is looking to make history. This is going to take athleticism like you’ve never seen it. Discover how Garmin is working with INEOS TEAM UK to take human performance up a notch.

This is a competition where the odds are famously stacked in favor of the defending champions. But INEOS TEAM UK isn’t going to let a little thing like that stand in their way, hoping to be the first British team in the race’s 170-year history to bring the America’s Cup home. And they’re going all out to make it happen, working with Garmin to train and prepare the crew and using technology to help unlock greater levels of human performance.

“We’ve spent years honing and testing our boat so it performs during the Cup, which would all be for nothing if the team can’t perform without it,” said Giles Scott, Olympic gold medalist and INEOS TEAM UK crew member. “The Cup’s legacy is that ‘there is no second,’ so there’s no margin for error in our performance. Garmin’s technology gives us confidence that our preparation will mean we’re the best we can be when we race.”

Pushing the very limits of human performance

Often described as the Formula 1 of sailing, the America’s Cup is not for the faint hearted. It’s fast. It’s demanding. It’s brutal. Of course, that all makes it pretty spectacular to watch.

It probably won’t come as a surprise that INEOS TEAM UK is taking their training rather seriously. They may have had years to prepare but with such fierce competition, not a moment of that could be wasted.

Forget what you know about fitness; this is something else altogether. To wrestle their hulking boat towards the finish line at such speed, the crew will need to push themselves to their very limits. They may already be among the greatest sailors and athletes in the world, but that’s simply not enough for this team. Together with Garmin, they’re dedicated to achieving much, much more.

Technology is just as critical to human performance as it is to mechanical performance

Just as the boat itself needs to be optimized to perfection, with every millimeter playing its part in the delicate balance between weight, aerodynamics and speed, so too must the crew. We’re trying to help each athlete unlock and unleash their maximum potential so they can perform better than ever.

Garmin was selected by the team to work together with them, using human performance technology to give the crew an edge in their training. Wearablescycling techheart rate monitors and smart scales are all playing their part in collecting the data INEOS TEAM UK needs. From this they can see exactly how well their training programs are working for each athlete. They can then put that information to use, making more informed decisions on training, designing and tweaking programs to optimize performance, trying to find the best mix of training and rest.

Garmin technology helps them quickly see how much training they’ve done, how their bodies are reacting to the training and how much recovery they need to harvest that training stimulus.

  • Training stress – Measuring HRV, training stress and actual stress helps the team understand when best to train. Pushing athletes too hard and over-stressing them could reduce their body’s immunity, leading to illness and impacting their availability to train.
  • Energy and nutrition – The ability to accurately measure calories burned during training helps the team plan and adjust their nutrition, making sure every athlete has enough energy.
  • Sleep hygiene – Sleep is the most important part of the recovery process. Being able to monitor an athlete’s Pulse Ox, breathing, sleep cycles and heart rate overnight in a non-invasive way allows the team to take action if that recovery isn’t happening optimally.
  • Well-being and progress – BMI, body fat, water percentage, bone mass and skeletal muscle mass provide the team with a wider view of how an athlete is progressing and the physical effects training is having.

Discover the peak of physical fitness

Visit our INEOS TEAM UK partnership page to learn more about how Garmin is helping them be at the absolute top of their game for their America’s Cup campaign.

Winning Big with Hank Cherry

February 9, 2021

If you hear Hank Cherry and you immediately think of the Bassmaster Classic, you might just be a fan of fishing.

As the guest of episode 5 of “Behind the Chartplotter,” Hank answers Dowe and John’s questions about how his life has changed since finishing first at last year’s tournament, his plans to defend his title and his most embarrassing moment on the water.

Listen now.

Garmin Edge 520 Plus Summons Help for Injured Tennessee MTB Competitor

February 10, 2021

Mountain biking enthusiast David Leon never saw the tree, nor did he have time to brake. His Garmin Edge 520 Plus called for help when he couldn’t.

David Leon, a 55-year-old hailing from Germantown, Tennessee, was on pace for an MTB personal best one beautiful Saturday in September. In training for the upcoming state mountain bike championship races, he was feeling strong as he pumped his way through the second lap of a 10.8-mile loop in western Tennessee’s Herb Parsons State Park. Called “Herbs” by the locals, the state park is a well-groomed, single-track, cross-country gem, thick with oak, maple and sycamore trees and known for its fast-flowing, root-filled terrain. Just as David hit the last quarter mile, he picked up considerable speed as the trail dipped down into a small swooping “S” turn snaking through a series of pine trees.

As he turned directly into the afternoon sun, the light that normally flickers through the leafless trees at that time of year turned into a momentary strobe light obscuring his vision. He never saw the tree, nor did he have time to brake. “My Garmin 520 data said I was traveling at 14.1 mph — and then ZERO in a millisecond.” His forehead and chest took the full impact of the collision with the tree.

“It was pretty bad. I was out cold,” David said. “The 520 has a very unique incident alert beep — I remember hearing it once before, during an abrupt stop on the trail some years back. This time I think I heard five or eight fading beeps, then I recall hearing my quack-quack mobile phone ring from some distant place. It was a bit surreal.” Because of the severity of his concussion and injuries, he could not move and was having severe trouble breathing, gasping for air and experiencing excruciating upper back pain.

As David slipped in and out of consciousness, his Garmin Edge 520 GPS cycling computer went through the preset emergency response protocol algorithm. Sensing that there was a sudden stop in forward momentum, the Edge 520 Plus immediately initiated the Incident Detection feature1, counting down 30 seconds with 30 audible beeps requesting the user to cancel the alert or the user’s emergency contact(s) will be notified via text message and/or email.

Seconds after the feature completed the 30-second countdown, David’s wife and daughter, his emergency contacts listed on his Garmin Connect mobile app, were notified via text message of the incident. “I had never received this message, or any message like this from David. I knew it must be serious. I had no idea he had this feature on his bike computer,” said David’s wife Cheryl.

David’s daughter Victoria also received the text message and then immediately called him again and again with no response. Victoria said, “The text message included a hyperlink to my dad’s exact GPS coordinates. I tapped the link and was immediately directed to his precise location on the trail.” Victoria, at home eight miles from David’s location, jumped in her car and arrived 11 minutes later. Kneeling over her father, she quickly realized this was serious. “Having his GPS coordinates on my mobile phone from his Garmin, which linked with my mobile maps application, provided me not only the correct roads to travel from home but also to the access point through the woods to his location on the trail. After calling 911, I was able to send the location data to the ambulance driver.”

A few minutes later, paramedics arrived and transported David by ambulance to Baptist Memorial Hospital in Collierville, Tennessee. His official diagnosis was four displaced vertebral fractures, six displaced posterior rib fractures, severe head trauma and concussion, and a few other less serious knee and leg injuries.

“Immediately after the accident, I woke up laying on my back, attempting to open my eyes. But the sky through the tree canopy would spin out of control, then the back pain started, then I would attempt to open my eyes, and the sky would spin again.” Dr. Jeff Dlabach, David’s long-time orthopedic surgeon, said, “To break your posterior ribs from a frontal impact takes an excessive amount of force. In this case, the bike crash was equivalent to a 50-mph car crash.”

David wears a Bell Super 3R MIPS helmet, but his forehead, face and chest took the bulk of the impact, contributing to the severity of the injuries. “The helmet did its job and prevented what could have been fatal; it was just an odd bike crash,” he said. “As a side note, if you are an avid mountain biker or cyclist and one of your mates has a bad wreck, the first question you always ask after ‘Are you OK?’ is ‘How’s the bike?!’ Well, my custom-built Niner RKT RDO did not get a scratch — nothing. She is quite fine.”

After six weeks of intensive rehabilitation and encouragement by his physicians, David was back to light training on the road bike and trainer. He says he’s determined to climb back to his previous fitness level and compete at some point. However, navigating around trees on his mountain bike makes him a little nervous. He’s grateful to be on the road to recovery, and he wants to take the opportunity to remind riders of the importance of having a device like the Edge Plus in case of emergency. And as important as it is to have the GPS device, David says, it’s equally important to remember to keep your emergency contacts updated.

“Without that notification, who knows how long I would have lain there? I happened to be eight-and-a-half miles from home, and I’m not sure my daughter could have arrived any faster,” David said. “It could have been much worse.”

David’s mom is also grateful. See below for a copy of a postcard she sent to the Garmin offices. (Image shared with Sue Leon’s permission.)

1When paired with a compatible smartphone. For safety and tracking features requirements and limitations, see

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