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What’s the Difference between a Freelancer, Consultant, or Entrepreneur?

Remember the sad little bird from P. D. Eastman's well-known children's book Are You My Mother? The one who hatches from his egg when his mother is out looking for food and has no idea who he is? By the middle of the novel, this befuddled hatchling is experiencing a full-fledged identity crisis, running around telling everybody, "Are you, my mother?" That's how it works in…

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What Is a Podcast, Exactly?

  You may want to consider podcasting when you start your online career or expand your scope to a larger audience. This article delves into what podcasting is and outlines some of the technology in layman's terms. By googling the word, you will find a variety of meanings. The one that I like best, on the other hand, says the following. A podcast is a digital audio or video file that can be listened to on a computer, mobile device, or media player. The file itself could be audio or video, and it's normally accessed by downloading it from a…

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