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I’m an experienced digital marketer who has worked on every aspect of digital marketing for a variety of clients. I’m looking for really interested individuals who want to learn about the Digital World. I just want to share my valuable experiences with them.

Thanks for stopping by at this Amazing Website for Digital Marketing.

Now, about the Title of the Blog – ‘MoneyConn .. Free Digital Courses’. What does it mean? According to Wikipedia ‘Conn’ means the act of controlling a ship’s movements while at sea. Similar here we will be crusing our Knowledge Ship throuh the Digital Sea. Sounds ok?

Now about the most corrupted word ‘Free’. How ‘Free’ is actually ‘Free’? You must have gone through hundreds of sales letters, Landing pages, Emails, messages offering something free? But at the last you are actually asked to pay for something called premium. Then obvously you are misinformed as these products are not totally Free.

But, when we say Free, it’s 100% Free. What? All Courses are Free ? Yes, it is. But only for those who are actually interested to learn and implement them professionally as their Career. We know how to figure it out.

Now, the second question – why all the courses are Free? Don’t we want to earn anything from these courses? Don’t we want any return for our hardworks and investments? Simple answere is ‘NO’. We are only interested to earn only one thing which is very rare today and that’s called ‘TRUST’. That’s it! We have earned enough fortunes for ourselves and now it’s your turn.

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I would love to hear your feedback and how we can make this Website even better.

Together we can make this the best one-stop Digital Marketing stop for every new Digital marketing student.

Remember to tell your family and friends about this Website. I will be very excited to read your comments and interacting with you as well.

Kushal about me, I live in India a self-taught Digital Marketer for the last 10 Years.

I have hands-on experiences in every aspect of Digital Marketing ( Online and Offline).  I love to share my learnings and experiences with younger and interested people about Digital World.

 I do spend too much time on the computer so am trying to get outside more like I use to. My hobbies include fishing, walking within the woods, Spiritual reading and writing, playing with kids and animals, computers, art, and all kinds of creative activities.

Let’s start our Digital cruise together and explore the whole World of Digital Marketing.

To your Success,



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