You are currently viewing 11 Christmas internet marketing strategies can help you grow your business.

11 Christmas internet marketing strategies can help you grow your business.

11 Christmas internet marketing strategies can help you grow your business.
Small and medium-sized businesses, in particular, should use the pre-Christmas season to increase their online sales. This is true for both B2C and B2B operations. We have compiled a list of 11 ideas that can be used quickly and inexpensively.

1. Prizes for counting down the Advent calendar

Copy for large businesses with neatly arranged Christmas calendars. No need for any additional software or anything like that. All you have to do now is get involved. How?
Receive 20 gifts related to your company.
Grease gifts to make them look amazing.
Pictures of individual gifts.
Every morning, starting December 1, share a photo of the gift on your Facebook or Instagram profile.
Ask for guesses from your fans about what’s inside the gift. They should submit their suggestion in the comments section.
Post a short video of this evening’s gift.
The prize goes to the person who best guesses the content. You can get a prize from all the participants if there were no or many correct answers.
Important: Before starting your Christmas calendar campaign, be sure to share information on all media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and your email). Additionally, you can send a flyer with information about your business.

2. Advent offers daily or weekly mail

The newsletter you send daily from the 1st to the 24th is one of the Advent calendars mentioned above. It should offer a special treat that is available on this day. Service providers may also use it to upgrade their services in a compelling way, receiving one or more orders for next year.
If you do not want to send a message every day, you can send a gift every weekend of Advent.

3. Provide last-minute customer service

If you are a retailer, you should use an email campaign to attract last-minute buyers. Invite them to come for a last-minute purchase to your store. Keep in mind, though, that German retailers must close at 2 p.m. the night before Christmas.
If you are just shipping your products, plan your last-minute customer campaign with your delivery provider carefully. You must be able to confirm delivery on time for your shipment. You can even attract last-minute buyers during the holidays if your items are accessible for download.

4. Vouchers are available at the last minute

Since we have managed to make last-minute purchases, why not make it easier for them by providing coupons for download? Even if purchased goods do not arrive before Christmas Eve, customers will still be able to print and offer an attractive gift voucher. Of course, the same is true of services.

5. Change the words on the web page

To improve your chances of finding it, prepare important texts for your website before the start of the Christmas season, preferably in November. For example, use phrases for Christmas, Holidays, Advent, New Year Eve, Santa Claus, and so on. You can use Google Keyword Planner to find the best Christmas keywords.
Make sure that additional terms do not interfere with the flavor of your texts. This should work well as even businesses that we are not used to dealing with for Christmas may refer to it.
For example, 
Rent a Car – When Santa’s deer is tired, he comes to us to rent a car.
Shoe Store – Even Saint Nicholas is a fan of our shoes.
IT – You don’t want to deal with faulty PCs, especially at Christmas time.
Tax Adviser – Do not delay in completing your tax return until the following New Year’s Eve.
Tip: Back up your original texts before the holidays so you can republish them soon after.
Clickworker offers keyword-optimized content in all key languages ​​at a reasonable price.

6. Make changes to website design.

The design of your website can also have a seasonal feel to it. You can achieve this with just a few clicks if you use the Content Management System (CMS). Change the tone or background color. Even modest lighting in an image or something similar can create an atmosphere of happiness.
A little too much, as it often does. Do not make major changes to your homepage so that your customers lose track of it.

7. Photos, videos, or slideshows

A video message from your group such as a Christmas greeting to your fans will go down well. It could also be a visual greeting card sent by post or a slideshow of Facebook. In any case, it should show who the real owners of the company are. This allows your clients to build a real connection with your firm.

8. Host a Facebook or Instagram contest with a holiday theme.

Plan a holiday with a holiday theme that goes with your product or business. You could, for example, invite your fans to get into a Christmas mood by giving one of your outfits a festive and video change or capturing effect. It can be shared on Instagram or Facebook with the previously defined hashtag. Of course, the best proposal will win the prize.

9. Holiday blogs

If you have a blog, the theme should undoubtedly be linked to Christmas and the new year. There are tens of thousands of references available here. At this time of year, you can also show “your side of the person”. Let your fans look back, or tell them about a memorable holiday you, your family, your team, or your party had. Let your colleagues tell you. About your favorite Christmas or New Year’s events.

10. Submit holiday wishes on time.

Keep in mind that many workplaces are closed for the holidays when you are working in the B2B industry. Send your Christmas or New Year messages as soon as possible. They have to come

11. A look back at the year’s events

At the conclusion of the year, write a year-end review for your blog or Facebook profile. Tell your followers about the year’s highs and lows. You may also provide your predictions for the coming year.
Videos, slideshows, texts, or even a podcast may be appropriate for the evaluation, depending on the industry. 
Before the campaign begins, don’t forget to notify people via newsletter and social media.

In Conclusion

During the Advent season, there are many ways to attract new customers, revive old ones, and enhance customer relationships. Advent calendars, newsletters, fundraisers, and contests are just a few of the ways to attract new customers, reactivate old ones, and strengthen customer ties. 

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